Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Few February Finishes

Yes, I can be a nerd when it comes to alliteration and such...

I finished the shrug a few weeks back.
Ravelry Project Page

I bought some super chunky yarn at the beginning of February. I wanted to make a cowl out of it, but I had to go through several tries. I took the biggest needles I had, which were size 19, and knit in seed stitch, but that was too thick. It was still too thick in garter stitch. So I decided to try arm knitting. It was fun! I didn't look anything up, I just transferred my knitting experience with needles to arms. I really like the way the cowl turned out too.
Ravelry Project Page

This picture and the next one are tied for the best picture of the cowl doubled up. I obviously wasn't trying very hard. :P

I brought out all my yarn this week. I like to do it annually towards the beginning of the year-not usually this late. It's nice to get an idea of how much I have. I had my sister Anna take some pictures of it with her nice camera. I organized it by color this time. :)

I think this is the best picture of all of it at once.
And I just had to add this beauty... 
As a send-off, a close-up of a slouchy hat-in-progress...


  1. Love the shrug, the stripey yarn really highlights the great angled design! And your stash is very impressive, looks like lots of sweater quantities in there, which is fantastic. Love the arm knitted cowl, too!

    1. Thanks! I love having those sweater quantities; it makes me happy imagining all the cozy sweaters I'll have. I'm actually working on one right now in the aqua yarn. I just cast on last night!