Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It's Been a While

I haven't been knitting much in the last few months. Last fall was my first semester in college (though I only took one class) and the start of a new job (two, if you count being the family chauffeur). When I had spare time, I felt more inclined to use it napping or reading and sometimes knitting, but not writing about knitting. (There was a whole lot of wasting-time-on-the-internet as well, but isn't that always the case?) Plus, I got into a car accident and came down with bronchitis in November so that really messed everything up. (Who wants to knit when you're coughing all the time and blowing your nose? Ick.)

The only thing I've finished since September is a little ballerina doll. Originally, she was a rather ordinary pocket doll. I transformed her into a ballerina for a little friend of mine. She loves it, which makes me very happy. :)


...and after.

There is the baby blanket I knit for my cousin, but I still haven't woven in the ends or taken pictures of it. So whether it's finished or not is under debate. Besides the fact that my now three-month-old cousin hasn't received it yet.

I did start a pair of mitts a few weeks back. They are a late Christmas present for a friend of mine. The first one is done, and I had almost finished the second Friday night when I realized I'd forgotten to switch needles. I had to rip back to the beginning and I haven't picked it up since. It would take me less than a day, but I've been doing other things. Procrastinator? Nah.

I have four other works-in-progress. A pair of mittens (another Christmas present), a hat, a shrug, and a shawl. I used to be a one-project-at-a-time knitter. (Some people refer to it as "monogamous", but I am not a fan of the alternative...) All the procrastination I learned in high school has now caught up to my knitting, I guess.

I hope to finish at least one sweater for myself before the weather turns warm again, but, ahem, we'll see how that goes...