Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Still Kickin'

In one of my last posts I talked about the sweater I was knitting for my little brother. I finished just a little while later, but I recently got some new pictures of it. He wore it almost nonstop for a week or two in March.

I also finished my Ravellenics sweater in time. In time means I was knitting and seaming into the wee hours of the night and I did wear it to church several hours later before the inside of the pockets were dry, but the gold medal was worth it! :D

My next project was many months later, in the summer. Some friends of mine were having a baby (how am I old enough to say that?) and I wanted to knit socks for him.

Baby socks are one of my favorite projects. They're so quick and so, so cute!!

Then I knit some socks of my own in some beautiful TFA yarn. And one of my favorite sock patterns, Skew.

Sometime during the summer I was itching to knit, but I got overwhelmed thinking about choosing a project and swatching and all that. So I pulled out some of my squishiest yarn and cast on for some 1x1 rib. It grew into a scarf of a sort, but it was pretty skinny and I wasn't sure I wanted to keep it. Earlier this winter I frogged it and knit a wider garter stitch scarf instead, but not with a project in mind really.

I actually knit most of it while watching Confessions of a Shopaholic where "The Girl in the Green Scarf" plays an important role, and I seriously didn't make the connection that I was knitting my own green scarf until after the movie was over. Such irony. I'm not sure if I'll keep it. I might frog it later so I can make a bigger project with the yarn I have leftover.

I also knit a hat in this yarn. My grandma asked me around Thanksgiving if I could knit her a hat for Christmas. I whipped this up just a day or two later, but saved it for Christmas of course.

That honeycomb stitch is so delectable!!

Speaking of Christmas, I also made this alpaca scarf for my best friend.

And in terms of presents for myself, I got some Felici. During Christmas break, my brother spun me yarn out of some fiber I won a few years ago. And last winter I bought some Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired sock yarn with leftover Christmas money.

A few weeks ago I started my socks and I finished them the other day!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2017 Recap

I thought I'd cover some 2017 info before the third month of 2018 starts... :)

First off, one sock! I won this yarn in a giveaway and thought it was a whole skein, but didn't think to weigh it before knitting. Turns out it was a half skein. I'm hoping to make a fraternal twin for this because I really like this sock pattern: Garden Gate.

A group of Ravelers knit squares for a blanket for Elena Nodel last spring. Sadly, the blanket wasn't finished until after Elena passed, but it was given to her husband and daughter. This was my square.

The motifs are snowflakes to represent my Midnight Fog hat that Elena gave me yarn support for. I still have quite a bit of yarn leftover from both projects she sponsored. I treasure it so much and look forward to knitting with it. I did not know Elena very well, but she touched my heart in a special way and I still think of her every so often.

Also last spring, I posted some WIP pictures of a top I was making for Shannon Cook's annual tops, tees, and tanks KAL. I never blocked it and had decided to frog it eventually when I randomly put it on this afternoon, snapped a few selfies, and haven't taken it off yet. I think it might just stay an FO.

A hat made from my Cubs sweater leftovers and inspired by the greatest bromance in history. Kris Bryant + Anthony Rizzo = Bryzzo (They're Cubs baseball players. :) ) I got to wear the hat and sweater to a game last May!!

I finished my little blue cabled shawl too, but I haven't blocked it and no pictures either. Now it's keeping company with the dark green shawl I knit in the fall of 2016 and never blocked or photographed. #procrastinatorforlife

The last FO is a pair of fingerless mitts for one of my friends. She's a writer and she loves purple. And mitts. She sent me this fun action shot.

I thought I'd also share my knitting-related Christmas gifts. :D Some Knit Picks Wonderfluff (Alpaca! <3), Sparkles the Knitting Unicorn mug, and a Gleener and fingering yarn from Tanis Fiber Arts!!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Happy February!!

I've got a cold or something (the kind where you feel crummy and your nose won't stop running), so I haven't been knitting the last few days. Not really a big break, but I would like to be knitting so it kind of stinks. :(

I've been working on a sweater for my little brother. The plan was to finish it before the Ravellenic Games start in less than a week. I think I've still got a chance...

 (A progress pic straight from my Insta story. That's as good as it's going to get right now.)

So you can kind of see the sweater here. It's a heavily-modified Abate by Alicia Plummer. I'm using chunkier yarn, so a larger gauge, and I've really switched up the neck; going for a plain crewneck to save yarn. I'm not sure my brother would like a big cowl/collar anyway. Especially one so thick with this bulky yarn.

It's still knit top-down and I'm doing the sleeves first now that I've knit a few rows past splitting for them, because I'm not sure how much yarn I have. I bought it over four years ago and my brother's grown quite a bit since then, haha!

Speaking of the Ravellenics, I'm going for a chunky cabled cardigan for me. Aidez!! This could be crazy, but I'm going to try. I've had the yarn for a while and kept meaning to start it, so this is a good kick in the pants for me. Plus, I'm one of the captains for Team Knit Picks Lovers!! And since I've never been a captain before, I get this shiny laurel:

If you have Knit Picks yarn or a Knit Picks pattern you want to use for a Ravellenics project, come join us!!